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Via Zoom Videoconference
January 2022 Weimer School Session
Date:  Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Session 2:  The Pandemic and Real Estate

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Hoyt Professional Fellow Andrew Davidson discussed recent Federal Reserve intervention and mortgage market outcomes.  For those who want to learn more about Andy, see https://www.ad-co.com/about/our-staff/andrew-davidson

Chongyu Wang of the University of Hong Kong and Tingyou Zhou of Florida State presented their research on “Face-to-face Interactions, Tenant Resilience, and Commercial Real Estate Performance.”  Catch up to Chongyu at https://sites.google.com/a/uconn.edu/chongyu-michael-wang and Tingyu at https://business.fsu.edu/person/tingyu-zhou.

Steve Malpezzi then led a discussion several recent papers on real estate and COVID, focusing on seminal contributions by several Hoyt Faculty and Fellows.

Presentation Slides:
Andrew DavidsonTurning Financial Data Into Investment Insight
Stephen Malpezzi  Notes on the COVID Pandemic and Commercial Real Estate

Via Zoom Videoconference
Session #1  Overview of the Pandemic and Its Effects
Date:  January 19, 2022

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Session Details:

Richard Green and Steve Malpezzi were joined by USC’s Neeraj Sood, the Price School’s Vice Dean for research, who has published widely on epidemiology and other health related topics. He is currently leading a study on COVID-19 in collaboration with Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.   You can learn more about Professor Sood at https://priceschool.usc.edu/people/neeraj-sood/

Via Zoom Videoconference
May 2021 Weimer School Session  
Full Program Agenda

Day 1:  Monday, May 10th, 2021
Broad Overview of the Pandemic and Real Estate

For the Zoom meeting recording, click on the following links:
Jacques Gordon’s Presentation
Lynn Fisher’s Presentation

Presentation by Lynn Fisher, FHFA“An Update from FHFA”

Presentation by Jacques Gordon, LaSalle Investment Management –  “Macro Outlook and Thematic Investing”

Day 2:  Monday, May 17th, 2021
COVID and the Long-Term Evolution of Retail

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May 17, 2021 Zoom Meeting Presentation
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Presentation by Gary Ralston, SVN Saunders Ralston Dantzler Realty LLC 

Presentation by Terry Tallen, Tallen Capital Partners, LLC    

Day 3:  Monday, May 24th, 2021
Public and Business Policies

Presentation by Raphael Bostic, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Presentation by Vicki Been, Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development, New York City


January 2020 Session

Dr. Jeffrey P. Cohen (University of Connecticut) 
“The Closing of a Major Airport:  Immediate Effects and Longer-Term Housing Market Effects”

Dr. Georgette Phillips (Lehigh University)
“The Public Good of Middle Class Housing:  Why We Should Care that San Francisco Is Losing Residents Because It’s Too Expensive for Nearly Everyone”

 May 2019  Session

“The Long Run Effects of De Jure Discrimination in the Credit Market:  How Redlining Increased Crime” –  Mr. John Anders, Ph.D. Candidate (Texas A&M University)

“The Odd One(s) Out:  Asset Uniqueness and Price Precision”
– Dr. Thies Lindenthal (University of Cambridge)

Innovations for Rapid Evaluation of Development Feasibility for Multi-Family Housing”  Also featured slides from:  A Comparison of Statistical and Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting Rents in the San Francisco Bay Area
– Dr. Paul Waddell (University of California, Berkeley)

“Integration of Funding and Market Liquidity in Real Estate:  International Evidence” – Dr. Dorinth van Dijk (De Nederlandsche Bank, N.V.)

2019 JAN Weimer School Agenda

January 2019 Session

Dr. William G. Hardin (Florida International University) The Housing Price Premium Associated with Charter Schools.”

Dr. Michael Eriksen (University of Cincinnati) Cross-Sectional Variation in Title Insurance Rents

Dr. Raven Saks Molloy (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System) Housing Supply and Affordability

Dr. Jack Guttentag (2019 Halbert C. Smith Honorary Fellow & Professor of Finance Emeritus, The Wharton School) Role of Real Estate in Retirement

Dr. Jacob Sagi (UNC at Chapel Hill) Monetary Policy & Commercial Real Estate Price Dynamics?”

Dr. Marc Francke (University of Amsterdam) The Impact of the Time to Close on Residential Transaction Prices

Ms. Vicki L. Been, J.D. (New York University) “Does the Fair Housing Act Require Anti-Displacement Measures in Gentrifying Minority Neighborhoods?” ***PENDING PERMISSION TO POST COPY ***

Dr. Eva Steiner (Cornell University) Quantitative Easing and Financial Institution Growth and Risk-Taking

Dr. Thies Lindenthal (St. John’s College) Observing the Seemingly Unobservable:  Unique Assets, Quality Uncertainty and Noisy Prices


May 2017 Session
May 2017 WS Program Agenda

Meeting Presentations (Hoyt Fellows Meeting & Weimer School Session)

The New Political Landscape and the Impact on Commercial Real Estate”r. Clifton E. (Chip) Rodgers, Jr. (The Real Estate Roundtable)

“Trends in Seniors Housing” Slides by Ms. Beth Mace (NIC)
Slides by Mr. Rick Brace, Jr., CFA (AEW)

HHI 50th Anniversary Presentation, by Key Note Speaker, Dr. Jacques Gordon (LaSalle Investment Management)

“Forward Thinking About Real Estate and Cities — Considering the Trump Administration and How That Interacts With What Makes a City Successful” – Dr. Hugh Kelly (Real Estate Economics)

“Panel on the Trump Administration” Slides by Dr. Kent Belasco (Marquette University) Slides by Dr. Ingrid Gould Ellen Slides by Dr. John Weicher

“An Assessment of Local House Prices – How Low Can We Go?”  – Dr. Will Doerner (FHFA)

“The Sharing Econ & Discrimination”Mr. Dan Svirsky (Doctoral Student in Economics, Harvard University)
“Regime Shift and the Post-Crisis World of Mortgage Loss Severities”Dr. Xudong An (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia)

Repeat Sales Price Indexes and the Time Between Sales” – Dr. Marc Francke (Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam)

May 2015 Session
Crowdfunding and Big Data
Dr. Richard S. Swart, University of California–Berkeley “Crowdfunding”

Dr. Stephen Sheppard, Williams College Urbanization and Informal Development: A Study Using Satellite Images

Spatial Issues in Real Estate: Application of Large Data Sets

Dr. Alvin Murphy, Arizona State University “A Dynamic Model of Housing Supply:  Optimal Timing and Size of Single-Family Housing Construction for the San Francisco Bay Area Using Transaction Data & Vacant Parcel Data”

Dr. Jacob Cosman, University of British Columbia (co-author Dr. Thomas Davidoff, University of British Columbia) “Starbucks Gradients and the Rent/Price Ratio”

Dr. Jeffrey Zabel, Tufts University (with Dr. Jeff Cohen, University of Connecticut) Local House Price Diffusion

Dr. Keren Mertens Horn, University of Massachusetts–Boston (co-authored with Amy Schwartz, New York University, and Ioan Voicu, New York University) “Do Choice Schools Break the Link Between Public Schools and Property Values?  Evidence from Housing Prices in New York City”

Dr. Ingrid Gould Ellen, New York University “Effects on Property Values and Development Patterns of Historical District Designation   in New York City”

Dr. Lu Han, University of Toronto “The Effects of Macro-Prudential Mortgage Insurance Regulation During a Housing Boom:  Evidence from Canada” – Preliminary Paper and currently in revision – author will provide a more final version as soon as available.

Dr. Desmond Tsang, McGill University (co-authored with Chen Chen (China University of Mining and Technology), Kin Lo (University of British Columbia) and Jing Zhang (University of Alabama) “Earnings Management, Firm Location, and Financial Reporting Choice: An Analysis of Fair Value Reporting for Investment Property in an Emerging Market”                            

January 2015 Session

Presentations from Session

Dr. Michael J. Seiler  (The College of William and Mary) The Role of Prospect Theory in Explaining the Perceived Moral Reprehensibility of Strategic Mortgage Default
Dr. Yildiray Yildirim (Syracuse University) The Impact of Tenant Diversification on Commercial Mortgage Spreads and Default Rates
Dr. Morris A. Davis (Rutgers University) Default when Current House Values are Uncertain
Dr. Xudong An (San Diego State University) Behavioral Shifts Over the Business Cycle:  New Evidence from Residential Mortgage Default
Dr. Thomas Davidoff (University of British Columbia) Reverse Mortgage Demographics and Collateral Performance”  
Dr. Fernando V. Ferreira (University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School) A New Look at the U.S. Foreclosure Crisis: Panel Data Evidence of Prime and Subprime Lending
Dr. Andra Ghent (Arizona State University) Very Low Frequency Trading and Security Design
Dr. Paul Carrillo (The George Washington University) The Repeat Time-on-the-Market Index
Dr. Jay Hartzell (University of Texas-Austin) “What Drives Managers’ Decisions to Enter New Markets? Evidence from Real Estate Firms” ***Awaiting permission to post****
Dr. Andy Naranjo (University of Florida) Public versus Private Commercial Real Estate Returns: MSA Allocations, Property Selection, and Performance Attribution” 
Dr. Paul Willen (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston) Passthrough in the Mortgage Market: From TBA to YSP


May 2014 Session

Presentations from Session

Session Topic #1 Aspects of Real Estate Risk
Dr. Eva Steiner (University of Cambridge) “Macroeconomic Risk Factors and the Role of Mispriced Credit in the Returns from International Real Estate Stocks”
Dr. Konstantin Magin (University of California – Berkeley) “Measuring Risk Premiums for Real Estate Securities”
Dr. Jeffrey D. Fisher
(Hoyt Institute)
“Measuring Risk Capital Using NCREIF Data” 
Dr. Andy Naranjo (University of Florida) “The Impacts of Leverage for Real Estate Risk:  A Study of International Securities Markets”
Panel Discussion: The Release of Fannie and Freddie Data:  Opportunities for Research
Mr. Mark D. Hanson (Freddie Mac) N/A (no presentation shown)
Dr. Xudong An (San Diego State University)  
Dr. Anthony Pennington-Cross (Marquette University)  
Panel Discussion:   Automated Valuation Models, Price Trend Analysis, and Big Data Mining
Mr. Thomas W. Showalter (Digital Risk)  “Veritas Valuation
Session Topic #2: Lessons Learned, Risk Analysis and Counter-Cyclical Capital Policies
Dr. James Follain (Collateral Analytics and Rockefeller Institute of Government) “Regional Price Bubbles and Implications for Credit Risk Management”
Dr. Michael Lea (San Diego State University and Cardiff Economic Consulting) “Housing Finance in the Aftermath of the Crisis”  
Dr. Tyler Yang (Integrated Financial Engineering) “Re-default Risk of Modified Mortgages”
Panel Discussion:   The Outlook for Housing Reform
Dr. Michael Berman, JD (Michael Berman Consulting LLC) N/A (No presentation shown) 
Dr. Laurie Goodman (Urban Institute) “The Housing Finance Market: With and Without GSE Reform”
Dr. Joseph S. Tracy (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)  “Issues in Mortgage and Housing Finance:  GSE Reform Proposals”
Dr. Itzhak (Zahi) Ben-David he Ohio State University) “Do Loan Officers’ Incentives Lead to Lax Lending Standards?”
Dr. Stephanie Moulton (The Ohio State University) “An Analysis of Default Risk in the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Program”
Dr. Peng (Peter) Liu (Cornell University) “Sponsor-Underwriter Affiliation & The Performance of Non-Agency Mortgage-Backed Securities”