Research Roundtables

Research Roundtable Background

The Homer Hoyt Institute has a long history of relationships with policy makers in industry and government. It functions to bridge the gap by both drawing on the outside expertise and sharing the results of academic endeavors.

Research Roundtables, Conferences, and Seminars, is an excerpt of from HHI’s 25th Anniversary booklet, published in 1992. It reports on HHI’s first roundtable held in Washington, DC in 1984. Here is a quote “The Institute’s research roundtable program was initiated in 1984 in Washington, D.C., with a session focused on Innovations Needed in Real Estate Finance. Some of the country’s foremost authorities on land economics participated..’

The second item is the Agenda for the Research Roundtable that formally launched the Subprime Crisis Research Council that grew out of the HHI SCRP.

The third link tells about the Subprime Crisis Research Council, its origins, purpose, programs, people, and prospects.

The fourth item is a discussion of Project New Initiative that is undergoing a feasibility study. If feasible, it will be launched with an interdisciplinary research roundtable.

1. Research Roundtables, Conferences, and Seminars (from HHI booklet)
2. Agenda for the Subprime Crisis Research Program Roundtable
3. Project New Initiative

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