Hoyt Professional Fellows

The Hoyt Professional Fellows is a group of industry leaders honored for their leadership and accomplishments in the field of professional real estate.  The group was formed from the former Advisory Board to HHI.   It was decided that the Hoyt Professional Fellows would connote a higher honor, and the group could be designed to work more closely with the programs and personnel of the Weimer School.

With one of the major goals of the Hoyt Group being to bridge the gap between academia and industry, it was felt that the Hoyt Professional Fellows could better facilitate that objective.   At the May, 1998, session of the Weimer School, the initial group of Advisory Board members were inducted as Hoyt Professional Fellows.  These industry leaders are asked to lend their expertise and knowledge of industry operations and trends to Weimer School candidates and Fellows.  In keeping with this goal, a Hoyt Professional Fellows research roundtable was conducted at the May 1999 meeting on the topic Flow of Funds into REITs.  The Hoyt Professional Fellows then participated in sessions of the Weimer School on REITs, National Data Resources, and Global Real Estate Markets.

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