Founding Fellows and Halbert C. Smith Honorary Fellows

Founding Fellows

Dr. George F. Bloom *
Dr. Stephen D. Messner
University of Connecticut
Dr. Ronald L. Racster
Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University
The Hoyt Group
Dr. Halbert C. Smith CRE Professor Emeritus, University of Florida
The Hoyt Group
Dr. Arthur E. Warner
University of Southern California

Honorary Founding Fellow

Dr. Maury Seldin
Professor Emeritus, American University
The Hoyt Group

Halbert C. Smith Honorary Fellows

Dr. Brian J.L. Berry
University of Texas-Dallas
Dr. Alain Bertaud
NYU Stern Urbanization Project and
Dr. Robert Buckley
Dr. Benjamin Chinitz *
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Dr. Anthony Downs
Senior Fellow
The Brookings Institution
Dr. Leo Grebler *
University ofCalifornia-Los Angeles
Dr. Jack Guttentag
Professor Emeritus, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Marja Hoek-Smit
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Keith R. Ihlanfeldt
Florida State University
Dr. Gregory K. Ingram
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Dr. Yannis Ioannides
Max and Herta Neubauer Professor of Economics
Tufts University
Dr. John F. Kain *
University of Texas-Dallas
Dr. William Kinnard *
Real Estate Counseling Group-Conn.
Dr. Charles L. Leven *
formerly University of Washington in St. Louis
Dr. Sherman Maisel *
University of California-Berkeley
Dr. Peter Mieszkowski
Rice University
Dr. Edwin S. Mills
Professor Emeritus
Northwestern University
Dr. Richard F. Muth
Fuller E. Callaway Professor of Economics
Emory University
Dr. Dick Netzer *
New York University
Mr. William J. Poorvu
MBA Class of 1961 Adjunct Professor in Entrepreneurship, Emeritus
Harvard Business School
Dr. Chester Rapkin *
Princeton University
Dr. Jerome Rothenburg
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Anita Summers
University of Pennsylvania
Dr. George Tolley
RCF Economic & Financial Consulting, Inc.
Dr. Ralph Turvey*
London School of Economics
Dr. Daniel H. Weinberg
US Census Bureau, Retired
Dr. Paul F. Wendt *
Formerly with University of California-Berkeley
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