Best Paper Published in JRER Winners

“Credit Line Availability and Utilization in REITs.”

William G. Hardin III
Florida International University
Matthew D. Hill
The University of Mississippi


Bennie D. Waller
Longwood University, College of Business and Economics
Raymond T. Brastow
Longwood University, College of Business and Economics

“The Pricing of Mortgages by Brokers:  An Agency Problem?
(Vol. 31:2)

Michael LaCour-Little
California State University at Fullerton

“A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Cap Rates by MSA”
(Vol. 30:3)

Doina Chichernea
University of Toledo

Norman G. Miller
University of San Diego

Jeffrey D. Fisher
Homer Hoyt Institute

Robert White
Real Capital Analytics

“Institutional-Grade Properties:  Performance and Ownership”
(Vol. 29:3)

John D. Benjamin
The American UniversityPeter T. Chinloy
American University
William G. Hardin, III
Florida International University

“Considerations in Design and Construction of Investment
Real Estate Research Indices (Vol. 28:4)

David M. Geltner
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
David C. Ling
University of Florida

“Leave Vacant or Rent:  The Optimal Decision for Absentee Home Sellers
(Vol. 28:1)”

Terrence Clauretie
Vocational Economics
Marvin Wolverton
Washington State University

“A Random Walk Down Wall Street:  Can Experts Predict Returns on Commercial Real Estate?” (Vol. 27:2)

David C. Ling
University of Florida

“Why Do Households Concentrate Their Wealth in Housing?” (Vol. 26:4)
John D. Benjamin
The American University

Peter T. Chinloy
American University

Don Jud
University of North Carolina


“Portfolio Implications of Apartment Investing (Vol. 25:2)

Randy I. Anderson
University of Central Florida
Richard McLemore
Prudential Real Estate Investors
Philip Conner
Prudential Real Estate Investors
Yougou Liang
Prudential Real Estate Investors


“Time, Place, Space, Technology and Corporate Real Estate Strategy” (Vol. 24:3)

Karen M. Gibler
Georgia State University
Roy T. Black
Kimberly P. Moon
Georgia State University


“The Stock of Private Real Estate Capital in the United States” (Vol. 22:3)

James D. Shilling
DePaul University
Yuyun Jessie Yang
University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Office Rent Determinants During Market Decline” (Vol. 20:3)

Barrett A. Slade
Brigham Young University


“Real Estate Cycle and Their Strategic Implications for Investors and Portfolio Managers in the Global Economy (Vol. 18:1)

Stephen A. Pyhrr
Kennedy Wilson
Stephen E. Roulac
Roulac Global
Waldo L. Born
Eastern Illinois University


“Ownership Structure and the Value of the Firm:  The Case of REITs”
(Vol. 17:1)

H. Swint Friday
Texas A&M University
G. Stacy Sirmans
Florida State University
Mitch Conover
University of Richmond


“Stationarity and Co-Integration in Systems with Three National Real Estate Indices (Vol. 13:3)

F. C. Neil Myer
Cleveland State University
Mukesh K. Chaudhry
Northern State University
James R. Webb*
Cleveland State University
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