Subprime Crisis Seminar

The seminar, which was initiated as part of ASPEC’s Center for Scholarly Enterprise, and initially focused on the terrorist issues after the 9/11 tragedy, generated a series of essays, most of which were published by the then Homer Hoyt Advanced Studies Institute (ASI) as the Wisdom Series. The ASI is now the Maury Seldin Advanced Studies Institute, renamed after Maury retired having served 25 years as founding president and chairman. Although that series of essays were written prior to the Homer Hoyt Institute’s Subprime Crisis Research Program, five of them are relevant to the Subprime Crisis Research Program and the Seminar. They are provided and identified as the fifth item of the document listings, Pre-Subprime Crisis Seminar Essays. They are most useful after the discussion of the nature of the problems and when looking for enhanced understanding of decision making.
Subprime Crisis Seminar on Improving Strategic Decisions Documents (Selections from Maury’s Notes on Readings used as Presentations)