2003 – 2009

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Dr. Benjamin  J. Keys, University of Chicago Dr. Daniel A. Hartley, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland


Dr. David  Yves Albouy, University of Michigan
Dr. Hui Shan, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Dr. Michael D. Eriksen, Texas Tech University 


Dr. Jaren C. Pope, Brigham Young University
Dr. Jiro Yoshida, The Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Wally Boudry, Cornell University
Dr. Yongping Liang, Fannie Mae


Dr. Lu Han, University of Toronto Dr. Tobias Mühlhofer, Indiana University


Dr. Christopher R. Cunningham, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta  


Dr. Lihong Yang, University of Southern California
Dr. Robert Novy-Marx, University of Chicago
Dr. Tracey Seslen, University of Southern California 


Dr. Albert Saiz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Cornelia Kullman,University of British Columbia
Dr. Rui Yao, Baruch College 


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