Research projects of the SCRP

The HHI Subprime Crisis Research Program (SCRP) was designed to foster research programs that would provide knowledge to ameliorate the current crisis and to assist in averting other crises arising from comparable deficiencies in the political economy. The project proposals were vetted by the Subprime Crisis Research Council.  The list that follows includes those funded by HHI in its SCRP, presentations at its sponsored or co-sponsored events including those of the its Hoyt Fellows division and its supported organization, the Advance Studies Institute (MSASI).The lead item is the hub of the HHI effort to deal with the foreclose contagion as part of its strategy to focus on foreclosure prevention as one of two main themes. “The Neighborhood Impact“The next three items are presentations at the launching Research Roundtable.

  1. What Now_HHI Pres._Pat McCoy
  2. Fixing the Sub-Prime Market – Guttentag
  3. Ltr to GAO Default & Forec Trends

The next two items are the initial literature review preparatory to the research roundtable and the data study that immediately followed the roundtable session.

  1. The Subprime Mortgage Market, a Review and Compilation of Research and Commentary
  2. The Dearth and Life of Subprime Mortgage Data:
    An Overview of Data Sources for Market Modeling – Vanessa Perry
  3. The items in this next group are those funded through SCRP or otherwise generated or included in SCRP programs, sometimes without grant funding or with only reimbursement of travel expenses. Those included in the Subprime Crisis Research Programs are in events beyond the initial Research Roundtable of the series of events, but only for those where electronic copies of the presentations were available. In some cases the items are Power Points of the presentations or newsletter summaries.
  1. Pennington-Cross and Team Proposal
  2. Subprime Lending and the Housing Bubble: Tail Wags Dog?
  3. Deconstructing the Subprime Debacle Using New Indices of Underwriting Quality and Economic Conditions: A First Look
  4. May 2008 Presentations
  5. Spring 2008 – Open Forum
  6. ARES 2008 Plenary Meeting Subprime Crisis: National-State-Local Perspectives
  7. The Housing Problem and the Economic Crisis: A Review and Evaluation of Policy Prescriptions



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