The Hoyt REIT Model

The Homer Hoyt Institute (HHI) and Hoyt Advisory Services (HAS) have developed a proprietary model (the Hoyt REIT Model) for investing in real estate investment trusts (REITs).   For the last several years, the Institute has invested a substantial portion of its endowed funds in REITs.   The cumulative return on those funds has greatly exceeded the return on the NAREIT index.

Because of the success of its investment program using the Hoyt REIT Model, the Institute, through HAS, has decided to make the Model available for commercial applications.  The professional services available include:

  • Portfolio Analysis and Construction Planning, including:
    • Market Entrance Strategies and
    • Growth Strategies
  • Market Research and Analysis, including
    • Feasibility Studies and
    • Public Offering Analysis
  • Merger and Acquisition Analysis


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