May 2017 50th Anniversary Session

“The New Political Landscape and the Impact on Commercial Real Estate”
– Mr. Clifton E. (Chip) Rodgers, Jr.
(The Real Estate Roundtable)

“Trends in Seniors Housing”
Slides by Ms. Beth Mace (NIC)
Slides by Mr. Rick Brace, Jr., CFA (AEW)

HHI 50th Anniversary Presentation, by Key Note Speaker, Dr. Jacques Gordon (LaSalle Investment Management)

“Forward Thinking About Real Estate and Cities — Considering the Trump Administration and How That Interacts With What Makes a City Successful”
– Dr. Hugh Kelly
(Real Estate Economics)

“Panel on the Trump Administration”
Slides by Dr. Kent Belasco (Marquette University)
Slides by Dr. Ingrid Gould Ellen
Slides by Dr. John Weicher

“An Assessment of Local House Prices – How Low Can We Go?” 
– Dr. Will Doerner (FHFA)

“The Sharing Econ & Discrimination”
Mr. Dan Svirsky (Doctoral Student in Economics, Harvard University)

“Regime Shift and the Post-Crisis World of Mortgage Loss Severities”
Dr. Xudong An (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia)

Repeat Sales Price Indexes and the Time Between Sales
– Dr. Marc Francke
(Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam)

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