May 2015

Dates:  May 15-17, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)

Location:  The Hoyt Center
760 US Highway 1, Suite 300
North Palm Beach, FL  33408



Crowdfunding and Big Data

Dr. Richard S. Swart, University of California–Berkeley

Dr. Stephen Sheppard, Williams College
Urbanization and Informal Development: A Study Using Satellite Images

Dr. Constantine E. Kontokosta, New York University
“Big Data & Real Estate” ***Awaiting permission to post***

Spatial Issues in Real Estate: Application of Large Data Sets

Dr. Alvin Murphy, Arizona State University
“A Dynamic Model of Housing Supply:  Optimal Timing and Size of Single-Family Housing Construction for the San Francisco Bay Area Using Transaction Data & Vacant Parcel Data”

Dr. Jacob Cosman, University of British Columbia (co-author Dr. Thomas Davidoff, University of British Columbia)
“Starbucks Gradients and the Rent/Price Ratio”

Dr. Jeffrey Zabel, Tufts University (with Dr. Jeff Cohen, University of Connecticut)
Local House Price Diffusion

Dr. Keren Mertens Horn, University of Massachusetts–Boston (co-authored with Amy Schwartz, New York University, and Ioan Voicu, New York University)
“Do Choice Schools Break the Link Between Public Schools and Property Values?  Evidence from Housing Prices in New York City”

Dr. Ingrid Gould Ellen, New York University
“Effects on Property Values and Development Patterns of Historical District Designation   in New York City”

Weimer School Postdoctoral Honorees Research Presentations

Dr. Lu Han, University of Toronto
“The Effects of Macro-Prudential Mortgage Insurance Regulation During a Housing Boom:  Evidence from Canada” – Preliminary Paper and currently in revision – author will provide a more final version as soon as available.

Dr. Desmond Tsang, McGill University (co-authored with Chen Chen (China University of Mining and Technology), Kin Lo (University of British Columbia) and Jing Zhang (University of Alabama)
“Earnings Management, Firm Location, and Financial Reporting Choice: An Analysis of Fair Value Reporting for Investment Property in an Emerging Market”                            

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