January 2015

Dates:  January 16-18, 2015

Location:   The Hoyt Center
                        760 US Highway 1, Suite 300
                        North Palm Beach, FL  33408


Presentations from Session

Dr. Michael J. Seiler  (The College of William and Mary) The Role of Prospect Theory in Explaining the Perceived Moral Reprehensibility of Strategic Mortgage Default
Dr. Yildiray Yildirim (Syracuse University) The Impact of Tenant Diversification on Commercial Mortgage Spreads and Default Rates
Dr. Morris A. Davis
(Rutgers University)
Default when Current
House Values are Uncertain
Dr. Xudong An
(San Diego State University)
Behavioral Shifts Over the Business Cycle:  New Evidence from Residential Mortgage Default
Dr. Thomas Davidoff (University of British Columbia) Reverse Mortgage Demographics and Collateral Performance”  
Dr. Fernando V. Ferreira (University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School) A New Look at the U.S. Foreclosure Crisis: Panel Data Evidence of Prime and Subprime Lending
Dr. Andra Ghent (Arizona State University) Very Low Frequency Trading and Security Design
Dr. Paul Carrillo (The George Washington University) The Repeat
Time-on-the-Market Index
Dr. Jay Hartzell (University of Texas-Austin) “What Drives Managers’ Decisions to Enter New Markets? Evidence from
Real Estate Firms”
***Awaiting permission to post****
Dr. Andy Naranjo (University of Florida) Public versus Private Commercial Real Estate Returns: MSA Allocations, Property Selection, and Performance Attribution” 
Dr. Paul Willen (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston) Passthrough in the Mortgage Market: From TBA to YSP


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