New! Presentations from May 2019 WS Session!

“The Long Run Effects of De Jure Discrimination in the Credit Market:  How Redlining Increased Crime” –  Mr. John Anders, Ph.D. Candidate (Texas A&M University)

“The Odd One(s) Out:  Asset Uniqueness and Price Precision”
– Dr. Thies Lindenthal (University of Cambridge)

Innovations for Rapid Evaluation of Development Feasibility for Multi-Family Housing”  Also featured slides from:  A Comparison of Statistical and Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting Rents in the San Francisco Bay Area
– Dr. Paul Waddell (University of California, Berkeley)

“Integration of Funding and Market Liquidity in Real Estate:  International Evidence” – Dr. Dorinth van Dijk (De Nederlandsche Bank, N.V.)













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